Got an Idea for a Planner? Feeling Overwhelmed Where to Start and Need Some Guidance?

  • Let’s Talk

    1 Hour 121 Consultation Call over Zoom

  • Utilise Our Knowledge

    Ask us questions and pick our planner brains!

  • Guidance and Advice

    Advice on how to bring it to life and the process

  • Idea Checker

    We’ll discuss confidentially whether your idea will work

Are you ready to release your own planner but haven’t got a clue where to start? Maybe you’ve been sitting on your idea for a while but not sure whether it would work. Book in for a 121 call with Hayley to pick her brains on all things planner related.

This service is offered internationally so you can benefit wherever you are the world. Maybe you’re a designer or a VA who would like to get your head around how you actually design the planner ready for print for your clients?

Please kindly note that we are unable to give you supplier recommendations. Although we can offer advice and guidance on the process, we can’t give away our little black book of contacts 🙂


1 Hour 121 Zoom Call